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Glottolog 3.0 released

posted Wednesday, March 29, 2017 by Robert Forkel

We are happy to announce the release of Glottolog 3.0. This is the first release of Glottolog completely based on data curated in the public GitHub repository clld/glottolog.

The data repository

At last year’s workshop “A new era for cross-linguistic databases” at the Poznan Linguistics Meeting we presented the data curation model now used for Glottolog. This means

  • Glottolog data is curated transparently and publicly
  • including a full history of changes.
  • Community participation is now possible (and welcome!) via GitHub’s support for collaboration (by opening issues or proposing changes via pull requests.
  • Accessing the data is now possible directly by cloning the data repository or downloading of a release.
  • The data in the repository can also be accessed programmatically using the Python client library pyglottolog.

Release 3.0 of the data repository is available at

The Glottolog web application

We also introduced a couple of new features for the Glottolog web application:

  • Glottolog now has a logo - the Malayalam letter ga, Unicode U+0D17.
  • You can search for references with a query that will be matched with content in any field of the bibliographical record.
  • Languoid detail pages now provide a link to the underlying data file in the data repository (marked with ).

Release 3.0 of the Glottolog web application is available at