CLLD – Cross-Linguistic Linked Data

What's up with CLLD?

posted Wednesday, March 07, 2018 by Robert Forkel

While this blog has been quiet for some time, this does not mean there is nothing to report. In fact, there has been a lot of activity, ranging from major updates of our servers and our core libraries (e.g. the clld package), to updates of several CLLD databases and work on new standards.


One of the main results of the CLLD project was establishing a data model that is capable of capturing most of the cross-linguistic datasets out there. So far this data model was internal to the clld package. This can be thought of as the “Microsoft approach to standardization” - if everyone is using the same software, things are interoperable.

With the CLDF initiative, we are taking the next step: By making the data model explicit and well specified, more software can be built around it. Since the set of all CLLD databases can be taken as proof-of-concept for the comprehensiveness and flexibility of the data model, we are quite optimistic that the CLDF standard is flexible enough to describe most datasets and at the same time concrete enough to allow useful functionality to be built on top.

Glottolog 3.2

One of the CLLD flagships - Glottolog - is happily chugging along; actually, at version 3.2 now, we are close to speeding up to our plan of multiple releases per year.

Concepticon 1.1

After collecting many more concept lists over a period of almost 2 years, version 1.1 of another reference catalog - Concepticon - has just been released. With almost 100 more concept lists in the pipeline, we expect to switch to more frequent releases for Concepticon as well.

APiCS Online

The Atlas of Pidgin and Creole Language Structures Online now includes the full chapters of the printed Atlas as well as the survey chapters, previously only available in the three printed Volumes.

ASJP version 18

Amazingly - considering the already huge coverage in terms of languages of the world - the ASJP Database managed to integrate another 430 wordlists. As of yesterday, ASJP 18 is out with now 7,655 wordlists.