CLLD – Cross-Linguistic Linked Data

New domain for the World Loanword Database

posted Tuesday, June 03, 2014 by Robert Forkel

For a project setting out to publish Linked Data on the web this is close to the worst case scenario, but for reasons beyond our control we have to serve the World Loanword Database under a new domain. Starting June 3, 2014 WOLD should be accessed using the domain instead of the old domain

So all identifiers minted for resources within WOLD will become invalid, although in a way which makes them rather easy to fix. Until the end of 2014 the old domain will be redirected to the new one, but make sure you update bookmarks or links accordingly. From January 2015 is no longer under our control. Unfortunately at that point it will not be possible anymore to alert visitors to to this change.

We regret that we could not find a better solution, apologize for the inconvenience and promise to do better with